Markup and Approval

Document Markup and Approval

Capture document approvals electronically to simplify the process.

Sharing, revising, and approving documents are a few common activities for most companies - but document management still remains a challenge.

Though having a document system in place helps - many send task-assignments by emailing the responsible person with the necessary documents attached. Usually these assignments require you to collaborate with other teams or business units.

When more people are involved, it's more likely for mistakes to happen (e.g., performing unnecessary work, missing important communication or incorrect document versions).

See how DocMinder® Markup and Approval works.

DocMinder® Markup and Approval allows managers, clients and decision makers to route documents to the responsible individual for markup, review and approval. Once approved, documents can automatically flow into the next-step in the workflow so other users may participate and collaborate in the process.

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    The Process Begins

    To begin this process you can select the DocMinder® icon from the ribbon-bar menu in Microsoft Word.

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    Template Selection

    This will display a list of available DocMinder® templates. Each template represents a specific process that is designed to meet your specific requirements. In this example we have selected the Markup and Approval Template.

Data Entry

Once a Template has been selected a new DocMinder® is created with pre-filled data that can include; responsible persons, subject line, instructions, links to documentation and email notification patterns.

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    Simple Edits

    Now we can make any necessary changes for this DocMinder®. Add others to the To: or CC: line, modify instructions, subject line, attach more document links, etc.

    Once the settings are the way we want them, we can send our new DocMinder® assignment.

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    Automated Email

    DocMinder® will send automated email notifications to the assigned individuals. Notifications also include a link to the task’s progress page.

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    Progress Page

    As the document goes through the editing phase - the persons assigned can enter comments, share information, upload documentation or complete their assignment from the progress-page.

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    Notifications alert you when changes to tasks you created, assigned or are the owner of. Notifications can include copies of documents and links to documents from a document management system or a URL.

    If a person receives a notification with a link to a document that is not accessible to them, they will be able to see the document, but will not be able to open it.

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    When a document has been finalized, the document can be approved.  Approval is accomplished by a survey function and can include multiple response options.

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    Survey Report

    The survey report tracks response data (e.g., %-complete, %-incomplete, etc.) for all persons assigned.

    The best part is that the approval responses are tracked in real-time, meaning you’re just one-click away from knowing exactly where your document is at in the approval process!


Whith multiple documents, its difficult to track the communications that correlate to a document.

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    The Homepage provides a consolidated list of all the tasks assigned to you, and allows you to view the task's progress page, attached documents, and more.

    Each line-item represents a single DocMinder® task-assignment; click on an item to open the review panel to see detailed information.

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    The Homepage is mobile-friendly and can be viewed from a smartphone/tablet (Android/iOS) - collaborators can view assignments and tasks, review documentation to get the information they need, anytime and anywhere.

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