Contract Lifecycle

Contract Lifecycle Management

A single, central location to track, collaborate and take action on documents, data and tasks in the contract lifecycle.

With DocMinder® Contract Lifecycle Management, you can automate the complete contract lifecycle, streamline your approval process, and track the meta-data related to your contracts.

iManage Contract Lifecycle Management

Contract Lifecycle Management


First, you must manage all the inbound Contract requests, and set the life cycle process for each one in motion.


Then there’s tracking the negotiations with a markup and approval process for managing the tasks related to this contract.


Once the contract is signed the final phase is managing all the obligations throughout the contract’s life.

Stage 1 – Contract Request

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  • Responsible parties are identified for routing and additional questions appear on the form.
  • By identifying the counterparty the system can later require their approval.
  • Any supporting documents can be uploaded to the web form and can be automatically profiled in iManage.

Stage 2 – Contract Mark-up and Approval Workflow

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Once the form is submitted, an automated workflow is initiated.

This workflow will move the contract through the life cycle, collecting information and automatically notifying the proper people when their part of the project becomes active.

Starting the Workflow with optional iManage integration

Final Approval with Optional DocuSign Integration

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If you are ready to collect signatures; DocMinder® can automatically start a DocuSign process.

  • Select a contract that requires a signature;
  • Multiple or any number of the contracts can be sent at the same time;
  • DocuSign will then notify the responsible person, via email, to collect the required signatures;
  • DocMinder® will then file the signed contracts into the corresponding iManage Workspace and folder;

Stage 3 - Contract Summary and Ongoing Obligations

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Finally, the workflow moves on to the final step, post-signing obligation management.

An email is sent with a link to the Obligations Page, and you can view all the meta-data related to this contract.

Starting the Workflow with optional iManage integration

Contract Search Tool

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All the information in the world is useless if you can’t easily find what you need, when you need it.

The DocMinder® contract search tool allows you to do just that - it gives you the ability to search contracts using your meta-data, and a search can be as wide or as narrow as desired.

Description of Results

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Each row represents a single contract that meets your search criteria; meta-data is displayed for quick review.

  • Click the summary button to view the summary page.
  • Or; click on the workflow button to see the steps associated with this contract.

Customizable at Every Stage

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