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Managing all the critical tasks and dates throughout a contract's lifecycle is a challenging process. Many companies continue to manage their contract processes manually.

Whether it’s for an approval, renewal, or completing an obligation, it is very difficult to ensure that the right person executes the right action on the right contract at the right time.

DocMinder® solves this problem by automating a contract's critical tasks and deadlines. The right person is automatically emailed at the right time, with the relevant documents and instructions. The task is put into context by allowing you to see a history of the contract, including comments and updates.


Benefits to You

  • Confidently manage critical tasks
  • Assign tasks to anyone with an email address
  • Pricing scalable to fit your specific needs
  • Task Management that uses your existing email system
  • Central oversight from Calendars and Reports
  • Integrate iManage, OpenText, NetDocuments, HotDocs
  • Add contract management functionality to document library
  • Eliminate the need to manage separate emails
  • Build workflows without technical assistance
  • Easily transfer tasks if someone leaves or is out

Common Contract Management Uses

  • Contract, Matter and Legal Hold Management
  • On-boarding New Client/Vendor Procedures
  • Records Retention Management
  • Filings, Insurance Requirements and Auto Renewal Clauses
  • Issues Tracking (Matters Requiring Attention or Immediate Attention)
  • RFI, RFP and Correspondence Management
  • Document Review Acknowledgement
  • Real Estate Management
  • Contract Approval Process
  • Compliance Review Procedures


Contract Lifecycle Timeline

When it comes to contracts, enterprises can't afford to be complacent. You're asked to do more than just manage them effectively throughout your organization. To mitigate risk, maximize compliance and prevent revenue loss, you need absolute control.

DocMinder® gives you the ability to scale-up and out to procurement, sales and legal.

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