DocMinder Embedded

DocMinder® Embedded Within iManage


DocMinder® task management is now embedded within iManage. Whether you are using FileSite or DeskSite you can have the power of DocMinder® task management, the event calendar, and project reports from right inside your document management system.

DocMinder® Embedded gives users and managers simple and transparent project management within the iManage tools they already use and are comfortable with.

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Setting up DocMinder Tasks

Create DocMinder® Tasks in iManage

Inside an iManage folder you can select documents and create a new DocMinder® assignment related to those documents.

Task Information with Web Forms

By filling in a web form with details about the task, you can define who needs to be notified, provide notes about the task and set a due date for the work associated with the selected documents.

Recipient Email Notification

Once this task is saved, DocMinder® sends an email notification to the assigned recipient(s). The notification frequency and format of the notification emails can be defined by your company to meet your specific needs.

Progress Page

Each notification email contains a link to the progress page for the specific task. From the progress page, your team can easily update the status of their task, add comments to share critical information and complete their work defined by the task.

Task Templates

Over time you can set up templates to simplify scheduling tasks. Task templates can be as simple or complex as you want. Anything from details about common processes - to full DocMinder® features such as checklists which can be set up as a template and kicked off by anyone with permission to DocMinder® Embedded.

Multiple Tasks For The Same Document

If you have a contract with several obligations, each obligation can be tracked as a different task. DocMinder® will keep track of all of the obligations for the contract and display them towards the bottom of the summary page.



Event Calendar

DocMinder® Calendar in iManage

Each iManage workspace has an associated event calendar designed to display all DocMinder® tasks created for the documents associated in the workspace. The DocMinder® calendar displays your task assignments by its due date.

View Task Assignments

The calendar has several different filters for sorting and viewing your task assignments. These filters may be limited to a particular workspace; but you can expand the calendar view to include all task assignments in which you are directly involved. You can also view pending or completed task assignments.

Review Task Details

By selecting a task assignment from the calendar you can open the task's Progress Page to review previous progress updates, add new comments, or complete the task.



Project Reports

Report Filters

Each workspace also has a report containing relevant information on all projects setup in the workspace. The report filters have the same functionality as the calendar, but here there are a few additional options.

DocMinder® ID

The DocMinder ID number is a link button that allows manager level users to quickly edit any of the settings for this project.

Review Page

You can click the Review button to see the details of all the related projects on the summary page. On the review page you can click post progress on any of the previously created assignments to view them individually. Or you can set up a new assignment related to this project.

DocMinder® Workflow

If your company is using DocMinder Workflow to track a sequential workflow process, then the workflow button give you a quick way to sort the completed from the pending tasks, and allow you to click post progress so you can interaction with specific steps of the workflow.


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