Energy Solutions


With DocMinder® managing critical tasks has never been easier. Our numerous clients in utilities, pipelines, and production face ever increasing demands for automation.


Years of solution building in this industry has provided us with the experience to properly automate the most common procedures.


Compliance, Operations, Legal, and HR departments need an easy to deploy and affordable solutions that work seamlessly with their existing IT infrastructure.


Why Should You Use DocMinder®

Our energy clients use DocMinder® for: NERC, FERC, and CIP compliance, Policy and Procedure Management, Legal Matter Management, Operations and more. Through our partnerships we provide regulatory content and best practice consulting with world class customer service, training, and technical support.

The combination of DocMinder®’s ease of use and superior task management, with unbelievable customer support and satisfaction makes DocMinder® your number one choice for Task Management Automation.


Benefits to You

  • Confidently manage critical tasks
  • Assign tasks to anyone with an email address
  • Pricing scalable to fit your specific needs
  • Eliminate the need to manage separate emails
  • Task Management that uses your existing email system
  • Central oversight from Calendars and Reports
  • Connect (Windows Drives, SharePoint, DMS) repositories
  • Build workflows without technical assistance
  • Easily transfer tasks if someone leaves or is out
  • World-class support and user training

Common Energy Uses

  • NERC and FERC Compliance
  • Evidence Reporting, Mock Audit Preparation
  • Self-Certifications and RSAWs
  • Operations or Maintenance Manual Review and Approval
  • Review Internal Compliance Programs or Critical Asset Policies
  • Document Review and Verification
  • Standards Under Development and Balloting
  • HR Reviews, Training, New Hire, Terminations
  • Permits, Easements, Right of Way, EH&S
  • Accident Incident Compliance, Leak Investigations


Common Checklist Management

  • Inspections for relays, batteries, or assets
  • Maintenance and project plans
  • New hires, separations and transfers
  • Evidence collection and discovery
  • Enforcement protection reviews
  • Utility rate reviews
  • Operations reviews
  • Plant inspections

Common Workflow Management

  • Cyber Vulnerability Assessment (CIP-005, R4, CIP-007, R8)
  • Adherence to Information Protection (CIP-003, R4)
  • Annual Access Review (CIP-003, R5)
  • Quarterly Access Review (CIP-004, R4.1)
  • Access Revocation (CIP-004, R4.2)
  • CIP Self-Certifications
  • On-Boarding New Clients or Vendors
  • Environmental Vetting

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