Contract Requests

Contract Request Management

The efficiency of any contract process starts with how easy it is to request a contract, and to review it.

Many companies have established procedures for processing contract requests, which may require multiple supporting documents. These procedures can be difficult to manage.

The traditional way of managing the request process is with spreadsheets. While spreadsheets are useful for organizing and displaying data, they become a bottleneck when managing a complete process.

What is needed is a way to automate the process so it can be managed and not micro-managed.

Watch how requets are managed in DocMinder®

The Request Process

Contract requests may come through phone calls, faxes, or emails, creating a great deal of confusion and inefficiency. DocMinder® can address these issues by automating data collection, task assignment, status, and report generation.

Manage the entire lifecycle of contract requests including mark-up, approvals, reviews and notifications. Route the request to the appropriate people using ARC Web-Forms with DocMinder® Workflow.

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    The webform leads you through entering data that is relevant to start the process. It ensures all of the most important questions are adequately answered before the process is kicked off.

    If a requester tries to submit an incomplete web form, they are notified that a critical field is missing data. This ensures important and basic preliminary information needed to complete the request is included.

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    Email Notification

    When the webform has been submitted, a process is created based on the information provided. That process begins to automatically notify the right individual(s) about the request via email.

    DocMinder® will continue to send automated follow-up emails based on the notification pattern that you have defined. This way a request is never forgotten and you can ensure progress will continue until the request is completed.

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    Two-Way Communication Channel

    Email notifications also include a link to the progress page. From the progress page anyone involved with the request can add comments, ask questions, provide instructions and upload important documents.

One Place for Information

The progress page stays updated with any recent comments related to this project. This guarantees all the important information is in one place. That way you can always see the most recent data you will need to draft or approve the contract.

From the progress page anyone involved with the request can add comments, ask questions, provide instructions and upload important documents.

Web-based Management Features

Automated data entry and email follow up would be enough for most software, but DocMinder® doesn’t stop there. DocMinder® offers an array of other reporting features as well.

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    DocMinder® homepage allows each user to view all of the projects assigned to them.

    By selecting a request from their list of project they can see the review panel to view their request in more detail. From here they can also use the post progress button to make comments and update the project.

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    DocMinder® calendar allows you to see all requests that your team is currently managing and due-dates.

    By hovering over a request from the calendar, you can see its status in real-time, and who the request is assigned to.

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    The dashboard allows you to see performance data on your team’s requests. This means you can look at requests that ran past their due-date to identify what may have caused the issue.

    By doing so, you get the information you need to help prevent unnecessary delays for future requests.

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    DocMinder® collects data on important activities such as comments, uploaded documents, approvals, and more. This data is easily accessed from the Reports tab and can be customized to your requirements.

    Your contract requests can now be streamlined, so processing times are not unnecessarily delayed.

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