Governance Risk Compliance

GRC Solutions

Through continuous monitoring, prioritization, and automation you can respond to business risks in real time.

As Government entities continue to enforce and increase the number of regulations, companies must find reliable ways to comply and minimize penalties, without increasing their workload. As regulations change, businesses need to respond quickly, with effective ways to monitor their compliance and execute critical actions.

Simply communicating what needs to be done and hoping your staff complies only results in extra work and potential fines. Many teams turn to extensive tracking in e-mail and spreadsheets – resulting in endless hours of manual follow up, and data entry.

DocMinder® is a system that can prove the right person did the right thing within the deadline, and will produce evidence for audits. Adjusting to Government requests needs to happen quickly, Without asking for technical assistance.

DocMinder® management calendar and reporting gives you clear oversight of your company’s compliance. Automated emails notify responsible parties of what must be done, and continue to follow up until the work is complete.

You can escalate tasks if they are not accomplished within the approved time-frame, as well as view the correct documents and all prior conversations for context.

Benefits to You

  • Confidently manage critical tasks
  • Pricing scalable to fit your specific needs
  • Task management that uses your existing email system
  • Central oversight from calendars and reporting
  • Integrate with repositories (shared-drives, SharePoint, DMS)
  • Add compliance functionality to existing document libraries
  • Eliminate the need to manage dozens of separate emails
  • Build workflows without technical assistance
  • Easily transfer tasks to others if someone leaves or is out

Common Regulatory Uses

  • FINRA, FED and OCC regulatory compliance
  • Issue tracking (Matters requiring/immediate attention)
  • Advertising claims management (Financial services)
  • Contract, matter, and legal-hold management
  • Docketing, litigation, evidence collection, and discovery
  • Records, correspondence, and retention dates
  • Governance-Risk-Compliance
  • Document review, acknowledgment, and collaboration
  • Compliance procedure reviews

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