What is DocMinder®

What if you could have automation and oversight for Your email?

Instead of having to manually follow up and record your progress in separate email folders, databases, or spreadsheets. DocMinder® delivers automatic email follow-up and continues notifying the responsible individual until all work is complete.

Do you currently?

  • Save emails into folders?
  • Ask for project updates and have to remember to follow up?
  • Set reminders to complete tasks?
  • Dig through email threads to get caught up?
  • Prepare or require performance reports?
  • Struggle to keep up to speed on approaching deadlines?

Here's what you get

Key Management Features

  • Export real-time data to Excel, HTML or PDF
  • Easily transfer tasks if someone leaves or is out
  • Automatically escalate to managers or supervisors
  • Ensure work is completed with automatic email alerts
  • Prepare performance reports

Important Benefits

  • Confidently manage critical tasks
  • Assign tasks to anyone with an email address
  • All comments and completions are tracked
  • Notifications alert you when tasks are completed or updated
  • Build complex solutions without technical assistance

Do you need DocMinder® and ARC

You need DocMinder®

  • If you want clear communication and collaboration
  • If you need proof that work was completed properly and on-time
  • If you want to see who's done what and when

You need ARC

  • If you want to automatically trigger processes
  • If you want a system anyone can use
  • If you want processes to be consistent

The DocMinder® software is covered by U.S. Patent Nos. 8,365,080, | 9,083,663 | 9,729,570 and additional patents pending.

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