Contract Obligations

Contract Obligations Management

Every contract comes with obligations that must be fulfilled by both parties.

In the busy legal world, signing a new contract is only the beginning of the process. More often these obligations have deadlines that stretch months or even years into the future.

Contracts are complex enough; but managing multiple contracts, each with its own set of obligations, creates a labyrinth of deadlines that must be juggled continuously.

Should you lose track of just one contract it could be costly and even damage a company’s reputation.

Watch how obligations are managed in DocMinder®

Manage Obligations in Three-Steps

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    Step 1: Initiating the Project

    While viewing your contract you can click on the DocMinder® icon at the top of the document to initiate the process so you can start managing the contract's obligations.

    DocMinder® can be accessed from MS-Outlook, Excel and Word from ribbon-bar add-in.

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    Step 2: Filling in the Details

    After you clicked on the DocMinder® add-in icon; assign it to the individuals you want to include in the project.

    Enter in important instructions or any details about the contract obligations; then select a due date for the project. When the project is ready; click the send button and DocMinder® will proactively notify all assigned individuals.

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    Step 3: Getting Notifications

    When an assigned individual receives a DocMinder® email notification, they are directed to the progress page where they can enter comments, upload documents and/or complete their portion(s) of the project.

    Each notification can contain all of the important details, document links/copies of the contract, and comments made by others assigned to the project.

    If notifications are missed by recipients assigned to the project, the notifications will continue to follow up with them until their portion of the project is complete.

Ensuring Obligations Will be Met

  • DocMinder® has several built in features that ensure each project will be properly completed. For example if a recipient of the project procrastinates too much, DocMinder® can automatically alert their manager via an Advanced Escalation email notification.

    Some contract obligations have elements that repeat year after year. You can use our Recurrence feature to ensure these obligations will be properly managed throughout their life-cycle.

    There are also simple features such as; Reassignment which makes it easy to deal with employee job transitions or terminations. As employees come and go, you can transfer all future obligations managed by those employees and reassign to the right people who will take over individual pieces or Management of the entire project.

Managing Multiple Contract Obligations

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    With DocMinder® Homepage, even a brand new employee can see all of their upcoming contract obligations at a glance. With a click of the mouse, you can see all the relevant details about a specific contract.

    For a manager who needs to oversee the work of multiple people, features such as Reporting, Homepage, Calendar, and Dashboard.

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    DocMinder® Reports allow you the flexibility to see all of the projects related to a specific topic, a single user, or a team/department. The report can be fully customized on the fly, allowing you to see the columns that matter to you and in the order that makes the most sense.

    The best part is that there is no need to manually enter data to generate your report. All of the data is collected and stored automatically in DocMinder®. Reports can be exported directly to Excel, HTML, or PDF. With DocMinder® Reports you no longer need to juggle critical deadlines.

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