Legal Solutions

Automate tasks, based on your preferences and needs, to improve your practice’s ability to organize and strategize.

As a law firm, or corporate legal department, calendaring and managing critical tasks is an everyday headache. Monitoring others to ensure matters are handled properly, with the correct documents and while meeting deadlines, is problematic at best.

DocMinder® makes sure the correct individual performs the correct task on time while providing management with oversight through summarized progress e-mails, filtered calendars, and advanced reporting.

Common tasks like contract management, discovery, litigation management, and matter management can now be managed effectively and with confidence.

Benefits to You

  • Confidently manage critical tasks
  • Assign tasks to anyone with an email address
  • Pricing scalable to fit your specific needs
  • Task Management that uses your existing email system
  • Central oversight from Calendars and Reports
  • Connect (iManage, OpenText, SharePoint) repositories
  • Build workflows without technical assistance
  • Easily transfer tasks if someone leaves or is out

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